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Company WEB-Empire Hello, dear visitors of our site!

Our company is formed in the beginning of 2009. Collective sew design of studio not big but very mobile. All this time our company developed main principles parser leading Automobile Auctions of America and Europe such as Manheim, Copart ,Cars.com etc. All our products are constructed on a modern platform for reception of the highest quality of the deduced information and the data on each prize. At present our product strongly differs in quality and speed from others which exceeding our prices are offered in the market for the sums. We design studio is engaged only in automobile sites in a theme (SEARCH of the CAR FROM the USA to BUY the CAR FROM America). As we are ground in a certain direction our product one of the most qualitative in the market.

Still very big PLUS of our company is that that we are a high-grade Hoster and we render all services in a hosting of your sites on own server platform. We can allocate the separate server for any project - a site of the Car from the USA, Cars from Germany, with round-the-clock support of your project. With functions of the professional Post server, a private office and an order table, post mailings to users, system of the order of a car, spare parts and cooperation on a site, system of questions and answers, customs calculators, system SEO and support of all keywords. With site promotion in searchers.

To all our clients which is or at us will is one requirement - All texts under descriptions of pages or parser the client writes itself. We appreciate all clients and we do not want to plagiarise as do other companies as all texts should be to a certain site as searchers it see and if texts similar that your site excuse always will be in the most back place on delivery.

We work very quickly, a ready site we can make for one two weeks if you need faster that and we can solve it!


Examples of work automobile parsing


 The site usavto.us is created design by studio Web-Empire.usThe site AutoUS.net is created design by studio Web-Empire.us The site libertymotors.us is created design by studio Web-Empire.us

The site webautosalon.com is created design by studio Web-Empire.usThe site Mega-Auto.us is created design by studio Web-Empire.us The site pr.cfu.su is created design by studio Web-Empire.us



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Дизайн Студия WEB-EMPIRE.US

Создание автомобильных сайтов на заказ, парсеров, таможенных калькуляторов, сайты Авто из США, Авто из Америки и Европы


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